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Mark Zuckerberg Treatened By ISIS

Mark Zuckerberg treatened by ISIS,
Zuckerberg Admitted quite concerned related to the threat against ISIS.Maybe that's the reason,why Mark Zuckerberg founder and CEO of Facebook is to tighten security it self.
Mark Zuckerberg,CEO Facebook
"I was so preoccupied but not because of the video. There is a threat worse," Zuck said in an interview with the media in Germany.

Zuck did not explain whether the threat is worse. As reported earlier, ISIS militants threatened to destroy Facebook and Zuck since blocking artificial ISIS account. Threats are also posted to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

Zuck also indicated to tighten security after the threat appeared. When jogging around the city of Berlin, Germany, for example, Mark Zuckerberg at least five bodyguards. While his home in Palo Alto, United States, also kept dozens of elite guards.

Extreme groups such as ISIS does menanfaatkan social networks to spread propaganda and recruit new followers. Facebook was acting with a lot of deleting accounts believed linked to ISIS. This is what makes ISIS wrath.

"We are working closely with governments and local organizations to ensure we adapt to local conditions, and identifying and removing content that is hateful and threatening," said Zuck.

Why WhatsApp Will Stop Support Blackberry And Nokia

WhatsApp Messenger is Cross platform apps messaging service.
Maybe yes,maybe no.

WhatsApp will discontinue support for some older operating systems in the late 2016's. Including BlackBerry OS and Nokia

Quoted from Venture Beat, the popular Facebook's messaging service that stop support for all Blacberry OS including BlackBerry 10,Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60. In addition, the old Android OS 2.1, 2.2 and Windows Phone 7.1.

WhatsApp argues they will only focus on the operating system that is used by many people.

"When starting WhatsApp in 2009, the use of mobile devices is very different from now. App Store is still a few months old. Approximately 70% smartpone sold at that time operating system BlackBerry or Nokia," wrote WhatsApp.

"The operating system offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft covers less than 25% (now 99.5%) of all mobile devices sold at that time. As we look to the future to 7 years, we intend to focus our efforts on mobile platforms used the majority of people, "said WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also suggested that users move from a platform that is not supported. This is to make sure they still get the latest updates feature

Best CMS For Online Store ( Create Online Store Without Programing Skills )

Make your online store without programing skill.

3 CMS ( content management system ) recommended to create your online store


PrestaShop is a free e-commerce CMS.Written in the PHP programming language and always support for the MySQL database management system.

More than 250,000 online shops in worldwide has created using this software.


Written in PHP programing language.
Magento is one of the web based application CMS ( Content Management System ) specifically for ecommerce or online sales.For web program magento using Zend Framework,while for the online store database,the application uses the Entity - Attribute - Vale ( EAV ).By using Magento,you can open an online store and open sale transactions online via Paypal or credit card.

More than 100,000 online shops in worldwide has created using this software.


OpenCart is especially famous with small businesses that don’t have anyone on staff with a lot of programming skill.It’s fairly simple, without a lot of the other functionalities found in other shopping cart software.
One of the other best things about this software, OpenCart’s simplicity is the fact that it doesn’t drag on your server. You can adding a ton of plugins,of course, but for most people this should be one of the faster options.

Apple IPhone Generations List 2007 - 2016

January 9,2007,Steve Jobs Apple founder introduced the mobile products with a wide screen and navigate with a finger man. Researchers at Apple worked hard to develop a product that many years,later named iPhone.

Steve jobs

IPhone first generation until this time

IPHONE  (19 July 2007)

3 variant 4GB,8GB,16,GB

Apple iphone

IPHONE 3G (11 July 2008)

Second generation
Features :
  • 3G connection
  • GPS
  • Push e-mail
  • App store
  • IOS updates
IPhone 3G

IPHONE 3G S (19 June 2009)
Features :
  • New processor
  • Camera with high resolution
  • Voice control
IPhone 3G S

IPHONE 4 (29 June 2010)
Features :
  • Retina display
  • Thin design
  • Stainless steel material
  • Secondary camera
  • Primary camera 5 MP
  • Processor A4
  • IOS 4
  • Multitasking
IPhone 4

IPHONE 4S (14 October 2011)
Features :
  • Processor dual core
  • icloud
  • imessage
  • Siri
  • Notification center
  • Reminder
  • Integrated to Twitter
IPhone 4S

IPHONE 5 (21 September 2012)
Features :
  • 4 inches monitor
  • Small connector
  • Aluminium case
  • Lightly

IPhone 5 (

IPHONE 5S, IPHONE 5C (20 September 2013)
Features :
  • Fingerprint  (Touch ID)
  • First phone with 64-bit processor
  • Double flash cemera
  • Polycarbonate materials back case
  • Ios 7

IPhone 5S
IPHONE 6, IPHONE 6 plus (September 2014)
Features :
  • 4,7 inches and 5 inches monitor
  • Chip NFC and Apple pay
  • Lightly
IPhone 6 (tek

IPHONE 7 ( coming soon )

IPhone 7 concept

Suicide After Losing Clans War On Clash Of Clans

Do not imitate the actions of this Boy

Reported from Brigada News Davao,Tuesday ( 23/02/2016 ) , A young man from Filipina slashing wanted to commit suicide by cutting his own throat after losing playing game Clan War on Clash of Clans

Barcher ( fake name of this young man ) had be evacuated to the Southern Medical Centre with wound on him neck

The Boy was found lie down on the floor with blood.Barcher saved by central 911.

Information from family and friends , Barcher stopped going to school and decided to commit suicide after a conflict with classmates after they lost the game Clan War Clan in Clash of Clans .

How To Know Genuine IPhone or Fake Iphone

How to distinguish Genuine Apple IPhone and IPhone Fake

Materials Premium Class

Target Product Marketing Apple Iphone particularly aimed at the upper middle class .

It can be seen from the quality of the materials used are all made from premium ingredients in its class .

Thus we can distinguish iphone was genuine and fake iphone on the materials , if any product iphone that material was made of ordinary plastic or metal usual , we can be sure it is a fake iPhone .

Feel the difference when you hold it

Apple Iphone Using Retina Display

Product apple Iphone 4 above and the 4th generation iPod using the Retina Display .

The density of pixels ( pixel density) apple iphone screen is higher when compared to the iPhone screen is false and multiple versions of the previous iPhone .

The monitor display using the Retina Display will be seen clearly, as well as pixel matrices smooth

To find out if you use the iPhone screen retina display , you can observe the display from a distance delak And Using a magnifying glass .

If the screen is not as dense or pixsel density is not solid , it means it is a fake iPhone .

Apple iPhone Could Take a Screenshot

To take a screenshot On IPhone , IPod and IPad is just press the lock and home buttons together

If there is an iPhone can not do screenshots in this way we can be sure the iPhone is fake unless there is damage to the lock button

Apple iPhone Connected To App Store.Not Connected With GooglePlay And Windows Phone Store

Apple's official iPhone app market is the App Store , and Android is the Google Play store.

If your Iphone not Connected With the iPhone App store , it means your iPhone is fake

For example, if when you download the iPhone application directed to the Google Play store or the Windows Phone store
Its means the iPhone is fake

As his case with Windows Phone is synchronized only with the Zune ,

The Original iPhone will Only Sync With ITune

iTune can know the specific device that is connected with it and will display some specific data .

So if the iPhone that you have not recognized and synchronized with iTunes its means your iPhone is a fake or replica.

Genuine Iphone Price

There is a price there must be quality , different things if you don't update the market price .

Make sure you buy the iPhone from Apple authorized resellers .

Do not easily believe If there IPhone Price Far below the market price offered from an authorized Apple reseller store , the iPhone may not be original or refurbish.

Usually the difference between the price of the original iPhone is not flashy.

So if you buy the iPhone with a very cheap price certainly its was not the original ,

Usually fake iPhone on the market sold at the cost price could be half the price of the original

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