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Mark Zuckerberg Treatened By ISIS

Mark Zuckerberg treatened by ISIS,
Zuckerberg Admitted quite concerned related to the threat against ISIS.Maybe that's the reason,why Mark Zuckerberg founder and CEO of Facebook is to tighten security it self.

Mark Zuckerberg,CEO Facebook
"I was so preoccupied but not because of the video. There is a threat worse," Zuck said in an interview with the media in Germany.

Zuck did not explain whether the threat is worse. As reported earlier, ISIS militants threatened to destroy Facebook and Zuck since blocking artificial ISIS account. Threats are also posted to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

Zuck also indicated to tighten security after the threat appeared. When jogging around the city of Berlin, Germany, for example, Mark Zuckerberg at least five bodyguards. While his home in Palo Alto, United States, also kept dozens of elite guards.

Extreme groups such as ISIS does menanfaatkan social networks to spread propaganda and recruit new followers. Facebook was acting with a lot of deleting accounts believed linked to ISIS. This is what makes ISIS wrath.

"We are working closely with governments and local organizations to ensure we adapt to local conditions, and identifying and removing content that is hateful and threatening," said Zuck.

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